We are a metallurgical engineering consulting and technology company. We strive to improve our industry and the lives of people by applying the wonders of science and technology. We like solving difficult problems, and coming up with innovative solutions.



We add value by providing solutions to challenging process problems and new challenges through our computer systems and services. Our services include consulting, training and support; and we provide computer-based systems for process modelling and simulation, process data management, systems engineering, and optimising process control. Computers and software are often the medium through which we deliver solutions to our customers.



We represent a number of overseas partners in Southern Africa to sell their specialised modelling software products, thereby helping our customers to improve their insight into processes. The solutions that we offer are often strongly based on the computational thermochemistry products of GTT Technologies and OLI Systems, and when we do detailed modelling we often use FlexPDE from PDE Solutions.


Process modelling and simulation is at the heart of what we do. We combine chemistry, physics, mathematics and software to develop computer-based models that we can used to study metallurgical processes and improve our understanding. The insight that we derive from modelling and simulation is what enables us to move process performance forward.


Managing process data is a critical task for any operation. The most important by-product of any industrial plant is data. Our process-level information systems assist operational and process personnel to harness the large volumes of data produced, turning it into valuable information, an ultimately insight that can improve performance.


Optimising process control has the potential to improve operational performance significantly. Automated second-by-second and minute-by-minute monitoring and control of a process can reduce variability, improve recovery and yield, and ultimately enhance profitability. Our optimising control systems are based on sound process and control understanding, and can make a significant contributions to improving challenging metallurgical processes.