'a service-centered approach to adding value to your operation'


Ex Mente developed the EMProcessSolution concept over the last 7 years and it is based upon sounds process and pyrometallurgical knowledge and extensive experience. EMProcessSolution  is a combination of services and software solutions that can potentially improve the productivity and yield of your plant. It consists of various components that can be chosen from to create a unique solution for your plant.



Product Feature



Engineers on site need to do repetitive calculations to analyse and improve the performance of the operation. These calculations are typically done in Microsoft Excel and can become very difficult to work with and understand by other personnel. Examples of the calculations made include mass and energy balances, as well as material properties derived from its chemistry and/or temperature such as viscosity, liquidus temperature, etc.  The EMProcessSolution  service aims to capture the operation-specific knowledge that goes into these calculations and make it more easily accessible for use by personnel on different levels.