OLI Systems

OLI software and technology is the standard for simulation of aqueous electrolyte systems. OLI has established an extensive CPI client base and reputation for excellence based upon our products and our technical support. We have served the CPI and related industry for 30 years, specializing in complex aqueous electrolyte systems.

OLI products are now used by hundreds of process engineers, industrial chemists, chemical process technologists, researchers, corrosion specialists, and process design engineers within chemical manufacturing and engineering service companies, and public and private research organizations in over 35 countries on 6 continents worldwide, including nearly all of the world’s 30 largest chemical and petroleum companies.

In about 1990, OLI “cracked the code” when it comes to rigorous prediction of the chemical reaction and phase behavior of complex mixtures of chemicals in water under modest to extreme conditions of temperature, pressure, and ionic strength. The combination of thermophysical properties models, solvers, and databank that enable this unique capability is known as the OLI Engine.

Since 1990, OLI has built on this technology base a family of simulation technology and software products, with applications covering Chemical Processes, Rates of Corrosion, Oilfield Scale Prediction, Water Treatment, and Environmental Simulation. The OLI Engine is also available through all of the major process flowsheet simulators currently in use worldwide, including Aspen Plus, HYSYS, PROII, gPROMS, and IDEAS.