Wonderware is an operating unit of the Production Management Division of Invensys plc and produces software that quickly integrates your plant data and gives you plant intelligence. Their mission is to power intelligent plant decisions in real time. 

In order to make the most intelligent business decisions, you need immediate access to your plant information. Wonderware simplifies this process by converting your plant data quickly and easily into vital information also known as plant intelligence. Founded in 1987, Wonderware pioneered the use of Microsoft Windows-based, human machine-interface (HMI) automation software for manufacturing operation systems.Wonderware software is well known for being exceptionally easy-to-use and integrate, making it easier for you to run your plant. They also have an established reputation for reliability and outstanding integration capabilities. Their goal is to integrate your data and provide the information you need in the most intelligent and accessible format, empowering you to increase your plant's efficiency and make fully informed business decisions.  Unlike other automation software offerings, Wonderware is an independent producer of plant automation and information software, not a hardware company providing software specifically designed for their hardware products.

On the contrary, Wonderware software is open and extensible, providing you with simple, robust and effective plant information solutions that are able to connect to diverse hardware products and provide a unified platform for the data received from these hardware products.

Wonderware integrates all the data in your plant, enabling you to transform this to industrial intelligence.  Based in Lake Forest, California, Wonderware has regional sales and development offices throughout North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia. Wonderware provides support to its network of more than 160 distributor offices and has approximately 300,000 licenses in 100,000 plants worldwide, which is about 30 percent of the world's 335,000 plants with 20 or more employees.

Ex Mente is a systems integrator of Wonderware products. We have been actively promoting the Wonderware range of products for the past 6 years, and have achieved significant successes through the implementation of these products. Most noteworthy of these are the application of InControl in advanced control system implementations and InSQL as the basis of process-level information systems.