OLI CPS Corrosion Analyzer


Understanding the effects of the corrosion environment...

Most corrosion treatments address the symptoms

  •  measuring corrosion rates
     determining life expectancy
     regular replacement of corroded material and equipment

Corrosion Analyzer addresses the cause

Investigate and determine the causes of corrosion before they happen, allowing preventive actions to be evaluated and implemented. This includes choosing correct operating conditions and corrosion resistant materials.

Real-Solution Pourbaix and Stability Diagrams

Understand the mechanism and key species responsible for your corrosion
Corrosion Analyzer offers a unique, predictive framework for all aqueous mixtures. The user can easily create "real-solution" Stability Diagrams to define conditions for metal dissolution, passive films and surface deposits.

Determine optimum pH, concentrations, EH
Easily identify passivating regions with respect to pH, concentrations and potential to minimize corrosion tendencies.

Screen materials and reduce lab costs
Eliminate unrealistic materials choices and focus lab experiments on likely choices. The Corrosion Analyzer is like having a virtual corrosion laboratory on your desktop.