OLI Stream Analyzerô



Stream Analyzer can predict the significant, non-intuitive departure from ideal solution behavior. Concepts like Chemistry Model Generation made invisible, supporting a simple and direct approach to OLIís aqueous chemistry calculations. It is possible to analyze your stream's electrolyte behavior while still modeling your plant in your flowsheet simulator of choice.

Your simulation will only be as good as the water sample you use. The Lab Analyzer offers reconciliation features to arrive at a representative stream

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Flexible Stream Definition OLIís PUBLIC databank at your fingertips, ready to support searches for a component via formula and common synonyms, organics structure to help locate organics, Names Dictionary to custom tailor the names of components you display.

Flexible Reporting Default reports are generated without asking, custom reports are simple to define. Report writing has been taken to new limits of ease-of-use

Connections to Other Software Import from any existing OLI case in ESP Process or OLI Express, and Export to MS Excel or Word or any other third party software.