optimising process control solutions


The second-by-second and minute-by-minute monitoring and control of a process are ultimately what determine the performance of that unit. Automated control systems implemented through PLCs, SCADAs and DCSs are commonplace and can provide excellent automation focused on monitoring and controlling of equipment.


These basic control systems usually do not address aspects related to the chemistry or metallurgy of the process. This is left to operational personnel and process engineers, and normally controlled by hand based on experience.


Ex Mente focuses on the development of control systems that manipulates processes on the chemical or metallurgical level, and not the equipment level. These systems encapsulate process knowledge that can be obtained from operators, process engineers and theoretical literature.

These systems are not able to replace an operator or process engineer, but they rather handle some tasks that are usually the responsibility of operating and process personnel, but where an automated system can yield superior results. The result could be tighter control of certain process parameters that can make it possible to operate the process closer to its limits, and thereby increase throughput and improve utilisation of the equipment.

Ex Mente prides itself in our ability to focus on the control problem first and the implementation second. We aim to thoroughly study and analyse the control problem by using plant data and in-house simulators. With our extensive experience on a wide range of implementation platforms (Gensym G2, Wonderware InControl), we are also able to assist Clients in making choices about the best platform for their specific problem, and then implement a solution on their platform of choice.