process-level information systems


The most important by-product of any industrial plant is data. Process-level information systems (also known as Process Information Management Systems) assist operational and process personnel in harnessing the vast volumes of data produced, turning it into useful information. These systems can and should be a base from which process engineers learn about, and optimise processes.


Process-level information systems can also act as a vital link that enables advanced control systems to utilise not only continuously monitored data from the plant, but also data that is produced as a consequence of discrete activities that occur on the plant (e.g. taps, inspections, sample taking, analyses, etc.).

Finally, well-engineered process-level information systems act as a data source for the operations management and business management levels.


Ex Mente has developed a generic framework for process-level information systems that can be used to develop and deploy systems that fulfil all of the requirements mentioned above. This approach is especially strong in its ability to be configured successfully in various different environments applying diverse operating philosophies.  These systems not only assist operational personnel, process engineers, advanced control systems, operations managers and business managers, but provide them with a powerful competitive advantage.