We are a metallurgical engineering consulting and technology company. We strive to improve our industry, by intelligently applying science and technology, to ensure its long-term sustainability. Through this we plan to improve the lives of people involved with and affected by the industry. We like solving difficult problems, and coming up with innovative solutions.


This is our collective name for our consulting, training and support services. We add value by providing solutions to challenging process problems through our computer systems and services. Our computer-based systems for process modelling and simulation, process data management, systems engineering, and optimising process control, are often the vessel for delivering solutions to our clients.



We represent a number of international partners in Southern Africa to sell their specialised modelling software products, thereby helping our customers to improve their insight into processes. The solutions that we offer are often strongly based on the computational thermochemistry products of GTT Technologies and OLI Systems, and when we do detailed modelling we often use FlexPDE from PDE Solutions.


Process modelling and simulation is at the heart of what we do. EMSIM is a mass and energy balance tool that uses thermochemical analysis to create custom, web based models that allow you to explore the effect of input parameters on a new or existing process.


Managing process data is a critical task for any operation. EMPLIS is a process-level information system that consolidates plant data, which reduces errors. Custom reporting can be done to enable sophisticated data interpretation.


Multiphysics modelling and simulation (FED, DEM, CFD). EMPHYS can be used to enhance process understanding and equipment design and to gain insight where conventional experimental techniques are limited.


Consulting services to provide insight into processes. EMPROBE is a consulting service that adds real value. Our extensive experience and sophisticated tools ensure industry-leading results