ChemAppPy Training

Andrea Steyn


We are excited to announce that a ChemAppPy training course will be held in June 2019 right before the annual GTT Users’ Meeting! The 1.5-day course will start in the morning of the 25th of June 2019 and will be facilitated by Andrea Steyn from Ex Mente. The course will take place in the same venue as the Users’ Meeting in Herzogenrath, Germany.

ChemAppPy is a Python package that makes the ChemApp thermochemistry application developed by GTT-Technologies accessible in Python. ChemAppPy also includes powerful tools to make it easier and more productive to do thermochemical calculations.

In preparation for the course you will receive a Python “self-tuition” pack. This will get you started with Python and teach you the basics needed to use ChemAppPy effectively. At the start of the course we will recap these Python fundamentals. The remaining time will be dedicated to ChemAppPy. It will be explained at the hand of examples to make sure that you are equipped to effectively use the software on your own. Case studies will also be discussed and attendees will be encouraged to contribute their own case studies. This will allow a clear understanding of how ChemAppPy can be used to improve your understanding of the thermochemical behaviour of the materials and processes you work with

The course fee is 550 € (+ 19% VAT) and includes teaching materials, coffee breaks and Tuesday’s lunch. The number of participants is 4 to 15, so please register as soon as possible via the online registration form.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Herzogenrath!

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