ThermoWeek 2021

Nicole Sweeten


ThermoWeek was back this year after taking a break last year due to the lockdown situation in South Africa. We planned on having a hybrid conference, but the response was overwhelming in favour of online attendance. I wonder if this is the new normal? I hope not, because fascinating lunch conversations are my favourite parts of ThermoWeek.

On Monday, ThermoWeek kicked off with Johan introducing us to thermochemistry. I work with thermochemistry every day, but I still learn something new every time. He also covered some practical topics, such as different ways to normalise an assay, and the proper way to handle carbonaceous materials in an energy balance.

Heine took over for Tuesday and Wednesday to take us through FactSage basic training. This would have definitely been easier in person, but Heine and the attendees did well to engage, and had stimulating discussions about the course material and examples.

The Users Meeting was held on Thursday and here the benefits of an online platform shone through as we had fantastic presenters from all around the globe. Thankfully South Africa is in a central time zone so we were able to start the day off with presentations from China and Australia and finish with Canada. The presentations are available here: Users Meeting 2021.

Johan closed the week with advanced FactSage training on Friday. We were honoured to be joined by Prof Klaus Hack from GTT Technologies, who shared his wisdom with the attendees throughout the week. We always value his contribution and are extremely grateful to him for joining us.

Thanks to Johan and Heine for delivering excellent training and thank you to all of the Users Meeting presenters for sharing your high-quality work with us. Thanks to Marinda and Ruan who kept everything running smoothly from behind the scenes.

A special thank you to all of our attendees. It is good to see the use of thermochemistry growing and it is always fun to build new relationships in our field. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

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Johan Zietsman


We are looking forward to exploring, discovering, and learning together as part of our drive to empower teams in our industry. In the past, we hosted Thermo Week, during which we focused on thermochemistry. Pyro Week has a broader scope, to address more of the needs that we have identified in our pyrometallurgy community.

Johan Zietsman


We are grateful to welcome Charlotte Hollenbach to our management team from 1 February 2022. You are already making a difference since you have joined, Charlotte, and it is great to have you in our team. We look forward to making a real difference together into the future. A warm welcome to Ex Mente.