Welcome to Ex Mente, Charlotte Hollenbach

Johan Zietsman


We are grateful to welcome Charlotte Hollenbach to our management team from 1 February 2022, since Ex Mente is growing, and we increasingly need to support our specialists with good planning, organising and management. Charlotte is an experienced project manager with strong foundations in strategic communications, business process implementation and productivity management. She believes that effective communication is at the heart of any successful enterprise, which we strongly agree with. Charlotte holds an honours degree in organisational communication and a bachelor’s degree in communication science from UNISA.

You are already making a difference since you have joined, Charlotte, and it is great to have you in our team. We look forward to making a real difference together into the future. A warm welcome to Ex Mente.

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Johan Zietsman


We are looking forward to exploring, discovering, and learning together as part of our drive to empower teams in our industry. In the past, we hosted Thermo Week, during which we focused on thermochemistry. Pyro Week has a broader scope, to address more of the needs that we have identified in our pyrometallurgy community.

Heine Weitz


We are excited to welcome Nico van Hoepen to the Ex Mente team. We are grateful to have you in the team and look forward to many fulfilling years of working and learning together, Nico.