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Ex Mente Pyro Week 2022

Dates: 4-8 April 2022
Format: Training (in-person)
Pyro Community Day (hybrid: online and in-person)
Location: Pretoria, South Africa

We are looking forward to exploring, discovering, and learning together as part of our drive to empower teams in our industry. In the past, we hosted Thermo Week, during which we focused on thermochemistry. Pyro Week has a broader scope, to address more of the needs that we have identified in our pyrometallurgy community. Thermochemistry will still be at the core, but this year we will also wrestle with process kinetics and mass and energy balances.


Ex Mente is proud to be associated with openSIM, a group of open-source software users from around South Africa. We host a yearly user’s meeting to discuss ideas, learn from each other and build relationships.

OpenSim Symposium 2021
OpenSim 2019 – Industry 4.0

Thermoweek 2021

Ex Mente hosts ThermoWeek annually in April. We offer training in thermochemistry (a basic foundation for any pyrometallurgist), FactSage and host a User’s Meeting where we discuss and learn from experts around the world.

ThermoWeek 2021